Our Story

In 2012, our emoji journey began with a eureka moment. While gazing at stick figures on the back of an SUV representing a family, it struck us – why not replace those stick figures with Emojis? The idea sparked a frenzy, and we knew we were onto something special.

Without hesitation, we ventured online, secured the domain name EmojiStickers.com, and, in just three months, EmojiStickers.com was born. We turned the virtual into reality, offering die-cut emoji stickers that instantly resonated with people worldwide.

Our Founders

EmojiStickers.com is the brainchild of Sean and Lindsay. Based in Southern California, we live and breathe our emoji-filled dream. When we’re not curating the finest emojis, we’re enjoying the sun-soaked lifestyle with our two canine companions, Hershey and June. Fitness, local exploration, and sharing the joy of emojis are our daily passions.


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Queen Emoji Officer


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Our Product

Welcome to EmojiStickers.com, where our mission is to bring smiles, laughter, and heartfelt emotions to your world through our vibrant emoji stickers. We’re here to turn the mundane into the extraordinary, one sticker at a time.

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